Hello World!

Welcome to my digital studies blog! As mentioned on the home page, this is where most of my experimentation and reflections in DGST 101 will be documented. I will be using a separate blog for topics that do not pertain specifically to digital studies.

There is much to be done. These pages are still in their infancy. I decided to use WordPress because it was recommended for this course and I had used it once before. I have very little experience in creating and customizing a website so I felt that I needed to use something I could easily grasp.

Currently, both this space and my home page are set to the default, Twenty Fifteen theme. I really like the simplicity of the layout, but I don’t want it to suggest a lack of effort on my part. I had tried to customize it further but there was little flexibility. This led me to schedule an appointment at the Digital Knowledge Center, where I was shown the true power of plugins.

My tutor helped me find the perfect plugin that enabled more detailed options for the Twenty Fifteen theme, as well as some of the more necessary plugins to ensure my site would function properly. She had a lot of great advice and helped me in multiple areas. I plan on scheduling another appointment to cover any questions that may come up as I continue to develop these spaces.

Overall, I’m finding the construction of my website an overwhelming, yet exciting experience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a digital space that I can call my own.