Explaining Neuromancer

Our group decided to try explaining Neuromancer through emoji. We thought it would be a fun and unique challenge, especially since emoji are so embedded in the way our society communicates. We took advantage of Apple’s abundant selection and, in an iMessage conversation, sent a series that best conveyed our interpretation of Neuromancer.

This was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. I think that our little emoji story could lead to several different conclusions, and we may have been able to express the main ideas of the novel a bit more concisely. However, the fact that we have emoji relating to concepts found in Neuromancer, like artificial intelligence and hacking, reveals that we are indeed living in a digital age that is, in some ways, similar to the one found in the Sprawl. While it may not depict the plot in its entirety (we had to leave certain details out), it’s easy for anyone viewing the image to notice the close relationship between humans and technology.


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