Module Goals: Blogging

I chose blogging because I was interested in sharing my hobbies with an audience. I had read blogs before, and had used WordPress to blog in a previous class, but I never took the time to create a blog that was meant for me. With little experience, I felt that testing out other platforms in addition to WordPress would be beneficial. I installed Anchor and Textpattern and assigned a general topic to each. I had hoped to customize both platforms to suit each topic, but was met with quite a bit of frustration.

With only two weeks to become a blogger, the setup of these spaces felt rushed. I think I stressed myself out with wanting to get straight into the blogging portion of the experience. I hadn’t anticipated the amount of time exploring and understanding Textpattern and Anchor was going to take. I still don’t completely understand them, and this has affected my ability to share my work. I really don’t want to show off a sloppy blog.

As a beginner, I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is the best choice for me. I think that my biggest mistake was mindlessly installing the first platforms I saw without doing more research on what options could have suited my needs. But, hey, I wanted a challenge, and I got one. I just wish I could have produced something I was more proud of by the time it was due. Moving forward, I’d like to continue developing my blogs with WordPress.

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