Module Reflection: Blogging

My only experiences with blogging came from a previous class and stumbling upon others’ blogs. My goal for this module was to challenge myself and develop skills as an online writer. I wasn’t sure about what topics to cover until I discovered Justin Hall’s homepage. Reading his informal entries inspired me to simply share myself and my interests.

I decided to use WordPress for one blog and installed the first two platforms I found, Anchor and Textpattern. I dedicated a general topic to each. I have some experience with WordPress, but I failed to consider my skillset when installing Anchor and Textpattern. I didn’t think I’d have to spend too much time customizing each before jumping into content. I should have done a bit more research to make sure that they would be able to accommodate my lack of experience.

Textpattern requires HTML knowledge to modify the appearance of the page, and from my experience, Anchor really doesn’t offer much customization at all. I included images in my entries using a URL, and while Textpattern allowed me to increase the spacing between the image and surrounding text, Anchor wasn’t really responding to the instructions I gave. I had many ideas that could make for great blog entries, but I was unable to accomplish them because of these limitations.

Blogging is a popular way to share ideas and exercise creativity. Its uses vary from giving advice and sharing personal experiences, to advertising and persuading. It is informal, simple, and entertaining. I’ve come to enjoy blogging more than I had expected. Given enough time, I think I’ll be able to produce a space that I feel comfortable advertising to the world. I’d like continue working on the blogs I’ve created through WordPress. While an honest tone, interesting topics, and images are the best tools to attract an audience, I think that an organized layout is an important aspect as well. I plan on learning more HTML before looking into other platforms.

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