Module Goals: New Aesthetic

The first two groups that covered this module discussed what the new aesthetic is and provided several examples using Tumblr and Reddit. One popular aspect I’ve noticed of the new aesthetic is glitching. The prevalence of this shows that people find images/videos of digital imperfections interesting and artsy. I figured I could take this module as an opportunity to try producing my own.

Original imageSo far I’ve experimented with two methods. The first method was through this image glitch tool. It is super convenient and easy to use. I just uploaded whatever photo I wanted to corrupt and played around with the sliders in the control panel. I’m not really sure what each parameter does, but I think that is something worth looking into while working on this module.

I had seen an image of a glitched Hellenistic sculpture and really liked the combination of the ancient and digital. The original picture I used is a painting of the Greek goddess, Artemis. Below are some of the glitches I liked best. I noticed that the images I found most appealing contained analogous colors and had recognizable traces of the original image.


The second method I tried used Wordpad and Paint. I opened the original image in Paint and saved it as a bit map. Then, I opened that file into Wordpad, scrolled about 75% of the way down and erased a few random characters. The product was a completely distorted image. A majority of the color was lost or displaced. Still thought it looked pretty neat.


I’d really like to have more control over how much distortion occurs, but I have a feeling that requires a lot more knowledge and experience. I’m hoping to find more tutorials and new methods as the week progresses.


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