Module Goals: Trolling

I’ve been familiar with trolling ever since I can remember using the Internet. I’d visit forum-based websites and was met with the term quite often. I understood trolling to be some sort of trouble-making behavior that took place on social networking platforms. I had assumed it was all in good fun. I don’t come into contact with too many trolls these days, and this may be because of my lack of participation on the sites where they may be.

I was really interested when I saw there was a module on this concept. While I have witnessed some light-hearted trolling before, I hadn’t really looked into the term or the circumstances associated with the behavior. Trolling is actually a very common occurrence on the Internet, and the means of participating vary depending on the people and platforms involved. By choosing this module, I really just hope the learn about why trolling exists, who trolls and gets trolled, and I hope to understand others’ interpretation of the behavior. I think that this module will add a new perspective to my understanding of digital culture.

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